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  • International Lace Day
    23 June
    23 June
    Giornate mondiali

    International Lace Day

    Unique event

    On the occasion of International Lace Day, everyone will be offered the opportunity to get closer to the world of this art.

    Offida (AP)

  • Lavender: flowers and herbs in the Marche region
    20 June
    23 June
    trade fairs

    Lavender: flowers and herbs in the Marche region


    XII edition of Lavandaso: flowers and herbs in the Marche region! A nice program to promote agricultural and handicraft traditions in Monte Vidon Combatte (FM).


  • Roots Tourism: Discovering the territory
    25 May
    26 May

    Roots Tourism: Discovering the territory

    Unique event

    On the occasion of the Year of Italian Roots in the World, the Municipality of Sirolo has organized, in collaboration with Bottega Teatro Marche, a calendar full of events dedicated to the discovery of its territory and its history. This weekend, two unique days await you to reconnect with your roots, through a series of engaging and meaningful activities.

    Sirolo (AN)

  • Roots Tourism: discovering the territory
    25 May
    25 May

    Roots Tourism: discovering the territory

    Unique event

    To celebrate the Year of Italian Roots in the World, the Municipality of Numana has organized a special event dedicated to the discovery of the territory and its traditions. A journey through time to rediscover the historical and cultural roots that make our region unique.

    Numana (AN)

  • Cantamaggio Morro d'Alba
    17 May
    19 May

    Cantamaggio Morro d'Alba


    Every third weekend of May, in the municipality of Morro d'Alba, you are welcomed by the vibrant atmosphere of spring and the new agricultural season. 📍Weekends from May 17 to 19 and May 31 Four days to (re-)discover and celebrate local traditions, as well as to promote a sense of community and belonging to the area. The singing of the "maggianti," accompanied by the accordion, tambourine, and guitars, resonates through the streets, bringing wishes of prosperity and abundance. Everyone gathers to dance and sing the songs of Cantamaggio, often ancient folk ballads that tell stories of love, field work and rural life. On Sunday afternoon, a procession is organized to carry the "Maggio" Tree - decorated by children with flowers, colorful ribbons, and other ornaments - to the center of the town where it is erected as a symbol of rebirth and fertility, and then burned in the traditional bonfire held on May 31 (the last day of the festival). We'll be there this year too! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, the 18th, with our "Put your hands-on" workshop. Put on your apron and get ready to dive eyes and hands into an egg dough in the company of the women from the folk group Balcone delle Marche.

    Morro d'Alba (AN)

  • Triumph of the 2024 Carnival: Relive the Renaissance in Fossombrone
    06 May
    12 May

    Triumph of the 2024 Carnival: Relive the Renaissance in Fossombrone


    The Historic Carnival of Fossombrone 2024, scheduled from May 6 to May 12, offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the captivating Marche region. Reviving the atmosphere of the Renaissance, the event transforms the ancient streets of the city into a stage of colors, performances, and traditions. From Renaissance games to parades of participants in period costumes, from neighborhood competitions to the famous horse race, the Historic Carnival promises fun and excitement for the whole family. Join this journey through time and discover the magnificence of Fossombrone and its ancient traditions. For more events in the Marche region, visit

    Fossombrone (PU)

Longevity and well-being: the Marche model is exemplary

The elixir of long life? The secret is “active aging”… in a virtuous background. Various newspapers have recently confirmed how Marche people are among the longest-living people in Italy, revealing the main reasons why: «Well Aging and Living Long. In the Marche, residents aged 65 and older are 25.7 percent of the population; a percentage […]

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Le Marche: a universe of music, front and backstage

The Roots Tourism project finds fertile ground in the Marche region to welcome (or a welcome back) you, special travelers, in many ways.  One of them, very distinctive as well as quite unique and important, is the artistic background that a region can offer. Marche is a region full of culture, art and music. Not […]

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Wings and roots of Marche wine: the soul of the rolling hills

The good news continues for wine from the Marche region, not only for exports, which have reached record figures, but because Osimo, in the province of Ancona, is home to Gambero Rosso’s Wine Cellar of the Year for the Vini d’Italia Guide 2024, in which an effective generational transition has allowed the company’s management a […]

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