Italea Marche: who we are

Italea Marche is a passionate group: personal and professional profiles, able to combine great generative biodiversity.

We are travel designers specializing in authentic and experiential kind of tourism, environmental hiking guides, tour leaders and travel bloggers, artists and exponents of the cultural scene, experts in food, wine and sustainability, genealogy, territorial marketing and digital communication.

Citizens of the world, thus multilingual, but at the same time firmly rooted in our own homeland.

Each one of us knows very well the “leaving and coming back” phenomenon: we are children or grandchildren of emigrants and, by vocation, cultural bridges to Argentina, Brazil, North America and Northern Europe. Therefore, in addition to technical skills covering different areas, we also offer empathy, creativity, hospitable welcome, authenticity.

To anyone who comes to the Marches moved by an intense feeling of searching for their family-historical roots, we offer a cultural and relational tourism: not only by making people taste the several regional beauties and excellence, but also by fostering a welcoming environment through completely tailor-made itineraries and thanks to the valuable cooperation -strategic and operational- of many public and private actors in the area who, with us, can testify to the beauty and value of the Marches.

Contact us and let’s increase, together, the worldwide Ambassadors of this wonderful region, declined in the plural under multiple dimensions. You will soon find out why…