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Route length 3 days

Traveling south: the square, the handicrafts, the ancient villages and their treasures, the long beaches of fine sand.

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The experience

Southern Marche

We know well that those who return to their country of origin (or go there for the first time, driven by curiosity and family stories), do so driven by a great cultural, sentimental, historical interest, by the desire to reclaim the traditions of a territory.

Your research concerns places, panoramas, language, flavours, people… but above all it is the desire to feel part of a world and a community to which your origins are anchored. Well, arriving in Marche region keeping this objective, you will have the opportunity to take home infinite beauty, positive experiences, human relationships, a sense of community, tastes of the present, past and future , always keeping attention to sustainability and inclusion, as well as  through a targeted offer and attentive multi-armed welcome.

Yes, welcome to the “widespread region” par excellence, which offers the roots traveler a particularly authentic and genuine tourism.

In this proposed itinerary, mentioning recommended timing and elements, but customizable in almost every aspect, we facilitate your return to the origins through stages that will allow you to wander around the SOUTH of the region: wonderful landscapes overlooking bursting snow-capped peaks on one side and on the other on long beaches, folklore and culinary traditions to be experienced and savored, excellent craftsmanship, breathtaking views and historic theaters (precious treasure chests where we can stage thematic shows during your stay, with literary readings and other performances from ‘high emotional value).

Here, despite the passage of time, the region manages to keep alive an almost mystical climate, which takes up the past and relives it in the present, with a lively and curious gaze, projected towards the future and innovations.


Enchanting walks
Fortified towers
Food and wine
Ascolane olives
Folk traditions


Porto San Giorgio and Torre di Palme

Upon your arrival we will welcome you to Porto San Giorgio, a small and lively coastal town at the foot of Fermo.

With our own vehicle we will immediately begin to get to know this part of the region made up of tiny villages nestled on rolling cultivated hills.

The beginning can only be memorable with a visit to Torre di Palme. This tiny town overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most visited destinations in the Marche region for its small establishments, flower-filled streets, ancient churches and enchanting panoramic balcony.

Two steps in the famous Cugnolo Woods, a green spot overlooking the sea, the scene of legends and poignant love stories, before resuming for Fermo, only a few kilometers away.


The capital has a very ancient history: from the Piceni to the Romans, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, this small city will surprise you with its majestic buildings and sudden glimpses of the blue sea.

From the stunning Piazza del Popolo to the scenic Duomo, Fermo is sure to have a special mention in your travel memories. Here we will make our first culinary stop to sample some typical dishes in a homemade setting.

Moresco and Petritoli

After lunch we will continue to be lulled through the rolling hills of the area to get to know the most characteristic towns of the province and other villages of the Valdaso, a series of small and very close villages that overlook the Aso River and retain all their medieval character.

Especially Moresco , with its unique octagonal tower, and Petritoli , a historical enemy of Fermo’s power at the time of the communes, will captivate you with their small squares set among noble palaces and civic towers.

The production of salami and cheeses, as well as fine fruits, is the great pride of these lands, so we will not miss the opportunity to have an aperitif in the square in a wine shop and end the evening with dinner in a tiny typical trattoria.

Overnight stay at a wonderful facility nestled in the hills with spa service and swimming pool.

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Ripatransone and visit to a winery

A hearty breakfast at the hotel and continue the journey by crossing the Aso River, a modern border between the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo.

Our first stop will be Ripatransone, an imposing village famous for its wine production.

Everything around Ripa, as the locals call it, is steep: impressive gullies alternate with steeply sloping vineyards, immense fields of sunflowers seem to disappear toward the center of the land, and slow tractors climb these slopes with a patience that seems ancestral.

Ripatransone Cathedral façade and staircase

The center is a gem that is worth a visit if you really want to savor this region. The magnificent Mercantini Theater, the Piazza del Cannone, and the narrowest alley in Italy are just some of the things you will fall in love with.

Before lunch, we will pay a visit to an iconic winery in the area (completely run by an all-female family) that with its terrace overlooking their ancient vineyards will have you “fly over” the Marche’s wine-making tradition.

We will continue as we approach the coast to get a closer look at the seaside villages of the Riviera of the Palms.

Cupra Marittima and Grottammare

Little Marano, the ancient name of the new Cupra Marittima and especially Grottammare Alta will leave you speechless.

Among alleys, elegant medieval houses, glimpses and tastes of “land and sea” that will make you fall in love we have no doubt: you will want to live here! So why not seriously consider a return to the land of origin?! But we will talk about that once you are here….

Aperitif with a sea view at a historic Cupra business and then relaxation strolling through the quiet San Benedetto del Tronto, at the mouth of the Tronto River, the ancient border between the Kingdom of the two Sicilies and the Papal State.

San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto has a character all its own, completely devoted to fishing it still lives to the rhythm of the sea: the lighthouse, the course, the old keep and the wonderful and very long promenade will let you spend a few pleasant hours between fried fish kiosks, walks in the harbor and a bit of shopping in the downtown streets.

Palm trees, typical vegetation of San Benedetto del Tronto, with sea in the background

We will recommend dining at a typical restaurant to really taste the flavors and aromas of the freshest fish (the specialty is raw fish, a little courage and you will not regret it!).

Overnight stay at a hotel on the beach.

Special tastings and unique culinary workshops, with the expert hands of those who know regional cuisine well and have been feeding many mouths for many decades, concern these stages. All you need to do is agree on when it remains most convenient and our partners will welcome you for immersive experiences, the likes of which you won’t find in the marketplace!


It’s the turn of Offida, one of the most extraordinary countries in the Marche region. It owes its fame to the historic carnival celebrated here: the Bove Finto, a festival that involves all the townspeople, family wine cellars are opened, people run through the streets together with the Bull, and plenty of food and drink is served.

Offida and Carnival live by an inseparable and rare union, everything is about Carnival and … wine! The celebrated Rosso Piceno has found its native home in these exuberant lands.

Piazza del Popolo in Offida

But Offida, home of the Museum of Folk Traditions which is developed in 6 areas kitchen, agriculture, handicrafts, housing, spinning, weaving and the Bobbin Lace Museum, wonderful local tradition, it is much more (n.b. the project “The museum of all and for all” enabled the remaking of the braille cards related to the contents of some rooms; in addition, a guided tour service with LIS interpreter is being activated): our tour around the square and through the cobbled streets to the magnificent Santa Maria della Rocca will give you an unforgettable experience.

Castel Trosino

After a few sips of the best local wine, we will move inland until we reach near the Apennines and thus savor even a little of the mountain life of the Marche region. Castel Trosino is a tiny stone village that seems carved out of the rugged mountains. Lunch with traditional ascolana and montanara dishes.

Ascoli Piceno

Last stop on our itinerary, before we put in as much more as you’d like, is Ascoli Piceno, the city of travertine.

The famous Piazza del Popolo, one of Italy’s most beautiful living rooms, will bewitch you with its fine palaces and historic artdeco-style Meletti coffee shop.

But Ascoli is much more, everything will not only tell you about your roots, but also about a glorious past of contentions, wars, religions and nobility.

For a snack you absolutely must try a bag of Ascoli olives in Arringo Square, and for dinner don’t miss the chance to try all the traditional Ascoli dishes but especially the fried foods: artichokes, cream, lamb chops and zucchini.

Overnight stay at a resort in the historic center.

Piazza del Popolo Ascoli Piceno

From the next day on, you can continue your trip to other parts of the region (or the Peninsula), depending on the level of satisfaction (but let’s also say wonder!) you’ve achieved so far with your visit to these corners in the South of the Marches.

The choice of things to do here in the area is very wide:

  • indulge in hours of wild shopping among the various big-brand outlets in Sant’Elpidio a Mare and Casette d’Ete, and visit the quaint Footwear Museum;
  • relax in the majestic squares, rearranging photos and family documents that are finally piecing together missing pieces and family tree, while enjoying rich dishes of handmade egg pasta, the region’s undisputed ingredient;
  • stall on the beach until sunset, enjoying the best hour, as the locals say;
  • or a beautiful high altitude hike, in the Sibillini Mountains National Park, accompanied by our GAE staff Environmental Hiking Guides;
  • or even …stop and talk, categorically in dialect, with someone who is now in the second half of life and sits serenely outside the front door in some perched hamlet, discovering that he was most likely your grandfather’s (or great/tris) street playmate who emigrated overseas…Much more(ask and be inspired!).

The southern part of the Marches is a perfect mix of charm, glimpses and truly special atmospheres in every season of the year. But we are sure that although your ancestors started from this area, you will not want to miss exploring other hidden corners of the Region, perhaps less popular than bigger sisters like Tuscany or Lazio for example, but just as precious and spectacular, always to be proud of! (2nd place in the world ranking “Best in travel 2020” by Lonely Planet, the only Italian destination)

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