The art of fishing in the Adriatic Sea of the Marche region.

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The Museum of the Sea of this charming town with a splendid pedestrian promenade is located in the complex of the former Fish Market, next to the Old Fish Market which gives a very realistic atmosphere to the tradition of local fishing.

Before entering, you will be taken on a pleasant walk along the first row of houses, once humble fishermen’s dwellings and silent guardians of daily challenges, today often converted into charming apartments and b&bs facing the sea, where -why not- you can also stay part of your stay if you prefer this solution to a hotel.

The Museum is made up of several rooms with various photographs and paintings with fishing practices, the reproduction of sailboats and net fishing boats, the characteristic logo of the “families” of Portorecanato and Civitanovesi (2 seaside villages, now flourishing but in the past hostile and therefore places of departure for many), drills used to search for gas or oil in the seabed, equipment and exhibits of all kinds related to the theme of fishing, used around the 50s.

Via XXIX marzo 1935, snc – 62013 – Porto Recanati (MC) – Phone: +39 071 972 0928


Moving southwards, the other large thematic museum allows us to dive further back in time: the archaeological finds found range from the Stone Age to the Piceno period up to Roman rule (there are references to the oil and wine trade between the Greeks and the Picenes and to typical transport ships of the Roman era) and come from the area between the Tesino river, the Tesino river, the Stone Age and the Stone Age. the Tronto and the territories of Monteprandone, Acquaviva Picena and Ripatransone (villages that will sound familiar to some of you, considering strong outflows until the mid-20th century recorded in these areas).

Also interesting is the section of the characteristic amphorae, many of them recovered by the fishing boats of San Benedetto during the last century.

Viale Colombo n. 94 – 63074 – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) – Phone: +39 0735 592177

The Museums of the Sea and Fishing

Both museums reveal secrets of the life of fishermen: a precious heritage that should be preserved not only for the memory of tradition, but also because certain styles of artisanal fishing, even if in a lesser way, in some regional areas, remain intact even today.

In both places we will have the pleasure of enriching our visit with stories of special guests: fishermen -senior and junior- ready to convey all the essence of their life linked to the world of the sea, revealing fishing techniques… and courage (when the sea gets bad) and to answer your most remote curiosities.

On the occasion of a visit to one or the other museum, in addition to the seafaring life, we will be happy to let you explore various municipalities belonging to the Riviera del Conero and Colli dell’Infinito Association, for those who have origins between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata, or along the beautiful Riviera delle Palme, for descendants of the Ascoli Piceno area.

In both cases, it is not only a long expanse of umbrellas and clubs, but also a precious string of villages, castles and genuine taverns that will remind you of the beauty of your homeland, spoiling you at the end of the tour with delicious dishes based on fresh fish, in every month of the year.

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via XXIX marzo 1935,snc, 62013 Porto Recanati MC

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