Le Marche: heart of the Italian footwear district

26 February 2024

3 minutes

Did you know that? Le Marche makes shoes to the whole world and one in three Italian footwear is produced in Le Marche.

Well yes, the numbers speak clearly: with a recent 34.4% increase on the export front, between footwear and components, the top 4 destinations, covering 54% of the total, Germany (+18%), China (+138.6%), France (+26.1%), USA (+54.4%) all growing and constantly opening new markets, footwear from the Marche region is spread across the 5 continents, worn even by celebrities and famous people: from Casette d’Ete (Fermo, whose province is the key center and is worth half of the regional export, alone) to the red carpet in Hollywood or all the way to the Vatican, the step is less long than it seems; especially if you wear comfortable, tailor-made and extreme quality shoes, designed and made in the heart of the Italian footwear district, by skilled craftsmen’s hands that meet industrial innovation and the visionary approach of some entrepreneurs.

The activity of the Marche shoemakers and shoe factories in the area after World War II began to transform into a unique industrial production and to this day can count on a valuable heritage of knowledge and skills that guarantees numbers, at a very high standard of quality: craftsmanship on a large scale of production.

It was during these years that the Italian Style of the shoe began to become known around the world. The “Distretto Marchigiano,” thanks to its territory rich in waterways for tanning and herds and flocks for leather, specializes in directly processing raw materials locally and then outsources the processing of the various parts of the shoe to third-party companies. This gives rise to companies specializing in the various stages of processing, such as heel or upper factories, which are an integral part of this complex process and contribute to the establishment of an entire third-party supply chain that results in very high quality of the finished product. 

But it’s not just a matter of fine leathers or skilled workers: what makes the Marche Footwear District a world-famous hub is its unique and distinctive style. It is what distinguishes Made in Marche from any other product: the ability to innovate while keeping faith with artisanal processes, its own history, and a know-how inherited between generations and well rooted in the territory.

The production centers of the Marche footwear district

Currently, the Marchigiano District includes three production poles specialized by product type/target: in the Montegranaro area, mainly men’s footwear is made, in the Monte Urano area, children’s footwear, and in the Civitanova Marche – Sant’Elpidio a Mare – Porto Sant’Elpidio area, women’s shoes. In Sant’Elpidio a Mare, there is the Fermano-Maceratese Footwear District, which has its origins in the 15th century with artisan shoe stores destined for city markets, and is today home to famous “fashion brands” undisputed ambassadors of Italian Style in the world and responsible for several billion euros of the total produced by the sector.

If before returning home you want to give your feet aesthetics, quality and comfort, feeling proud to belong to this territory also for these excellences, contact us: it will be a pleasure to accompany you on a visit among the best producers in the area and let you choose what is most suitable for you.

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