Longevity and well-being: the Marche model is exemplary

28 February 2024

3 minutes

The elixir of long life? The secret is “active aging”… in a virtuous background.

Various newspapers have recently confirmed how Marche people are among the longest-living people in Italy, revealing the main reasons why:

«Well Aging and Living Long. In the Marche, residents aged 65 and older are 25.7 percent of the population; a percentage higher than the national value. For example, studies highlight that volunteering brings benefits in terms of physical health, more happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem and reduced risk of depression. Leisure activities improve the well-being and quality of life of older people as well as educational or training activities.» 

(Ancona Today, Feb. 2023)

In our journeys to rediscover the territory that belongs to you and the traditions of the past, we would also like to show, with pride and data in hand, how the regional one is an exemplary model for “good living”, with high quality of life and high standards of individual and collective well-being

Marche, the longest-lived region in Italy. Why is that?

In fact, the region enjoys a record in Italy for active longevity and life expectancy, with an average of even over-80s -healthier- than the rest of the country. 

People live well in the Marche region, and even ISTAT explains why: “thanks to the region’s strong rural vocation, Marche people consume healthy, short supply chain but above all quality food.” Definitely worth mentioning are: the Sibillini red apple, among the oldest varieties in Italy, a biodiversity presidium recognized by Slow Food; the Marche’s olive oil tradition, gold in the kitchen, which finds the perfect habitat for unique organoleptic properties and polyphenols in the morphology of the Picenes; Marche honey, a natural antibiotic and unrefined sweetener with a variety of beneficial properties; and finally, a good glass of wine, which is never missing from the tables of Marche people.

At the Tipicità Festival you can discover and taste the region’s most authentic and healthy gastronomic heritage.

Other factors that contribute to longevity

Not only food, however! Influencing quality of life, well-being conditions, active and dynamic aging (often socially engaged) also contribute to:

  • air and water quality, with direct implications for agriculture;
  • natural heritage, microclimate and biodiversity (nestled between the coast and the Apennine ridges, the Marches guarantee ideal conditions and offer all types of landscapes, marine, hilly, mountainous, not far apart);
  • genius Loci that, thanks to quality, productive genius and innovation, has made the sectors of agriculture, crafts and industry leaders over the years
  • human relations mostly solid and generative: in the family (often the active role of grandparents is fundamental with grandchildren) as in the working environments: the regional economy is characterized by a flourishing small-medium industry with high specialization, a natural evolution of ancient craft activities. What prevails is the so-called “Marche model” (an expression coined by Giorgio Fuà, the founding father of Ancona’s ISTAO, a training center for Marche entrepreneurship based on a civil, sustainable and inclusive economy approach) turns out to be independent of large state aid or heavy bank loans and is characterized by a prevailing human and respectful approach to staff, customers and all company stakeholders.

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