Le Marche: a universe of music, front and backstage

28 February 2024

3 minutes

The Roots Tourism project finds fertile ground in the Marche region to welcome (or a welcome back) you, special travelers, in many ways. 

One of them, very distinctive as well as quite unique and important, is the artistic background that a region can offer. Marche is a region full of culture, art and music. Not only that which is played and sung, but it turns out to be precisely the cradle of important musical instrument manufacturing points. 

When one thinks of Le Marche, great composers such as Rossini or tenors such as Beniamino Gigli come to mind, as do the many wonderful theaters scattered throughout the territory (such as Il Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo, the Ventidio Basso in Ascoli, the Gentile in Fabriano, or indeed the Rossini in Pesaro). But there are hundreds of small theaters where music takes center stage, often played with instruments of Marche design and manufacture.

The first great example is the accordion, la “fisarmonica” which finds in Castelfidardo its headquarter, hosting not only the heart of world production but also important events such as the PIF (International Accordion Award), where great musicians from all over the world compete: days dedicated to music that pay homage to an instrument played in all corners of the globe but which has in the Marche its capital. 

«Because of the typical stubbornness of the Marche people who have never stopped producing it, this instrument is always present in popular music but, thanks to the work of the municipal administration of Castelfidardo, it has entered, for almost thirty years, conservatories, music high schools and the music courses of many schools. Which has led composers of contemporary music to write for this instrument and bring it out of the confines of traditional music», reads a recent interview with the owner of a leading company in the field, which appeared in Corriere Adriatico in late 2023 .

Another illustrious example may be the Eko company, an instrument manufacturer since 1959, also born in Castelfidardo, the capital therefore not only of the accordion but of a real manufacturing hub of musical instruments and equipment; a district that, despite the crises still finds space, creativity and quality to compete and stand out internationally. Eko, a specialist in guitars and basses, is just one of the companies born in those years where to buy the best guitars people came to the Marche region, and even today the names of guitar and signature models that have become vintage resound, both for collectors and for the musicians themselves. 

Alongside these excellent realities are just as many related to both industrial and musical crafts. It is enough to mention the numerous luthiers operating in the Marche region, experts in the production and refurbishment of both standard and high-value quality instruments, such as luthiers specializing in the repair of priceless vintage instruments.

For a roots traveler interested in local music and craftsmanship, visiting these golden-handed artisans is a special opportunity to discover a new art, but also a way to be able to repair one’s own instruments, which is difficult to do at a high level in many other countries, due to lack of both skills and the necessary equipment. 

Finally, Le Marche is a magnet in the musical universe in terms of musical equipment, so the amplification equipment, cables, and all the sound and lighting system related to musical and theatrical performances. Having in house a company like Fbt, which is only one of many companies that deal with amplification, is a great source of pride; not to mention the companies that deal with show lighting, a fundamental element in the success of a show, a sector that finds in the Guzzini brand an excellence that transcends every continent and every sector. 

The roots traveler interested in the world of music will undoubtedly find in Le Marche a treasure trove of unparalleled excellence.

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