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La Quintana of Ascoli Piceno: Historical reenactment and knightly jousting

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Luogo:Ascoli Piceno (AP)

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The lively cultural and folkloristic ferment that the region experiences during the year, at every latitude, in collaboration with the Tourist Board, Region and Municipalities, will always be part of our proposals aimed at those who, like you, come to the Marche to get to know it completely round!

Among the picturesque streets of Ascoli Piceno, for example, an extraordinary event takes place that transports visitors on a journey back in time: the Quintana. A magnificent celebration of history, chivalry and medieval culture that enchants all who attend.

Between July and August the city transforms into a captivating stage where a festive atmosphere combines with the centuries-old tradition of the equestrian joust. A compelling experience that fascinates with its mix of competition, elegance and ancient charm.

The drum rolls, waving flags and traditional clothing are evocative, while the knights, skillfully equipped and ready for the challenge with mastery and precision of movements, prepare to compete in the exciting carousel.

But the Quintana is not limited to competition: it is an engaging party in multiple dimensions. Medieval markets, juggling shows, flag-wavers and historical processions are capable of transporting you to a bygone era, offering you a complete and engaging experience.

Join us to explore the essence of medieval chivalry and experience the excitement and magic of a bygone era. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this spectacular historical celebration: the Quintana of Ascoli and we all await you for an unforgettable experience of tradition and entertainment.

Then, whether your relatives come from this province or not, you really have to go to Ascoli!

Wondering why? We’ll answer you with a long and colorful list! For the white city, with the elegant travertine squares, the monumental buildings, the romantic alleys; the red villages with their soft panoramas that blend into the Piceno hills; the green Sibillini, mountains loved by hikers and steeped in water and legends; the blue of the Adriatic, framed by thousands of palm trees and lively seafront promenades.

Also because, although the 2016 earthquake injured many mountain centres, in the thousand colors of the Ascoli province there is all the essence of the Marche, a condensation of the Region in an area that will give you unforgettable views and flavours, such as that of the olives stuffed fried and anisette, a typical anise-based digestive liqueur. The Piceni lived here for centuries, one of the most valiant and refined, albeit mysterious, ancient peoples.

Whatever you have in mind to enrich your trip with beauty, in this area it will be possible to make it happen, there is something for all kind of tastes.

And we know how to best advise you!


13 July 24

04 August 24


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Piazza Arringo, 7, Ascoli Piceno, AP, Italia

How to get there

By car: Take the A14 motorway to the S. Benedetto del Tronto toll booth, then take the ring road that leads to Ascoli Piceno. By train: After leaving Ascoli station, walk about a kilometer towards Piazza Arringo where the historical parade and the Palio take place.

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