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National White Truffle Exhibition in Sant'Angelo in Vado

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Luogo:Sant'Angelo In Vado (PU)



In the green heart of the hills of the Marche region lies a gastronomic paradise: the National Exhibition of the Prized White Truffle. An event that celebrates the very essence of Italian and regional culinary culture, and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating and fragrant world of this gastronomic gem.

In October, enchanting Sant’Angelo in Vado transforms into the meeting point for lovers of good food and wine excellence. The cobblestone streets of this picturesque village come alive with stalls full of delicacies, inviting visitors to discover the secrets and unique flavors of the white truffle.

Immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, passionate gastronomes will have the opportunity to delight their palates with a wide range of dishes masterfully created by the region’s best chefs, enhancing the unmistakable aroma and taste of this culinary treasure. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, every bite will be an unforgettable sensory journey.

But the Truffle Exhibition is not just a culinary experience; it is also an opportunity to learn about the history and tradition behind this precious mushroom. Exhibits, lectures and guided tours offer an immersion in local culture, revealing the secrets of searching for and harvesting this delicacy.

Join us to celebrate the essence of autumn while enjoying the gastronomic delights and enchanting atmosphere of Sant’Angelo in Vado. This event is an unmissable opportunity to discover the true meaning of authentic taste and regional conviviality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique experience: the National White Truffle Exhibition in Sant’Angelo in Vado, as well as the town of Acqualagna and other vocated areas of Montefeltro, are waiting for you for an unforgettable journey into the world of fine flavors.

Program of the National White Truffle Exhibition:

  • Inauguration of the 60th National White Truffle Exhibition; followed by preparation of truffle maxi-frittata, drive-in with tasting in classic cars, opening show with fire dance and concerts

  • departure for trekking and mountain biking excursions among the Waldesian hills.

  • historic center: art festival, followed by planting of native mycorrhized trees in green area, mini-guides to the church of Santa Maria extra Muros, opening of exhibitions, “Tartufo d’oro” award to local entrepreneurs with star chefs, traveling show, talk show and wine tasting.

  • international motor rally; followed by inauguration of other thematic exhibitions.

  • dance, music school student concert, morra (ancient game) competition, drive-in with tasting in vintage cars, show with surprise guest, DJ set and concerts

  • national truffle hunting competition; followed by mini guides to local churches, classic car rally, other Golden Truffle award, talk show, concerts and wine tasting.


07 October 23

22 October 23


18:00 - 19:00

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Piazza Umberto I, Sant'Angelo In Vado, PU, Italia

How to get there

BY CAR: Follow the A14 highway to Fano. There take the freeway to Fossombrone, exit shortly after and follow the signs for Urbino. Once in Fermignano go in the direction of Urbania and then to Sant'Angelo in Vado. BY TRAIN: The nearest train station to Sant'Angelo in Vado is Pesaro. Once in Pesaro, it is possible to reach Sant'Angelo in Vado by bus (Bus lines and timetables).

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