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Triumph of the 2024 Carnival: Relive the Renaissance in Fossombrone

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Luogo:Fossombrone (PU)

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In the heart of the enchanting Marche region, within the ancient walls of Fossombrone, an event is about to take place that brings the splendor of the past to life: the Historic Carnival of 2024. Dating back to 1559, when the illustrious Cardinal of Urbino, Giulio Della Rovere, illuminated the city with his generosity and magnificence, this extraordinary carnival continues to enchant generations with its Renaissance reenactment.

From Friday, May 6th to Thursday, May 12th, Fossombrone will be the stage for a timeless celebration, an experience that combines culture, entertainment, and fun in a single triumph. The secrets and wonders of the past come alive in the streets of the historic center, transformed into a riot of colors and sensations.

Imagine over a thousand participants parading through the streets in period costumes, artisans showcasing their Renaissance crafts and jugglers entertaining the public with their skills. Musicians, archers, flag bearers and fire shows add a touch of magic to this festival that engages everyone, young and old.

The weekend is dominated by challenges between districts and castles, where the competitive atmosphere blends with the joy of the games. The neighborhoods compete in Renaissance games, culminating in the spectacular “Rara et bella Cursa all’Anello”, the horse race that captures everyone’s attention, revealing the strength and skill of the participants.

There will be no shortage of excitement for the little ones, with the characteristic Children’s Palio, adding a touch of cheerfulness and vitality to the festival. Sunday afternoon will reach the peak of the event with the final of the neighborhood games and the famous horse race for the Cardinal’s Palio, as the public gathers in the picturesque setting of Campaccio, enchanted by the magnificence of the event.

We invite you to join this carnival triumph, to immerse yourself in the atmospheres of the past, to explore the history and beauty of Fossombrone and its ancient traditions. The entire community of Fossombrone and the Pro Loco Forum Sempronii welcome you with open arms, ready to make every moment of this extraordinary celebration unforgettable.

Join us in living the Renaissance, celebrating history, and creating new unforgettable memories.


06 May 24

12 May 24


18:00 - 00:00

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Fossombrone, PU, Italia

How to get there

BY CAR Take the A14 highway to Fano. From there, take the expressway to Fossombrone and exit at Fossombrone East. Once you arrive at Fossombrone center, you will find the carnival right in front of you. BY TRAIN The nearest train station to Fossombrone is in Fano. Once you arrive in Fano, you can reach Fossombrone by bus (Bus lines and schedules).

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