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Origins’ return itineraries and cultural workshops at the Marche Emigration Museum

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The experience

The Marche Emigration Museum – multimedia and interactive, hosted in the Villa Colloredo Mels civic museum of Recanati – is a key stop of the surprising journey we will take together, to discover your origins!

Thanks to an original itinerary, which begins with a train journey, and some carefully designed activities, we will be able to retrace the history of migratory flows and create strong ties with some emigrant communities, strengthening existing bridges or creating new ones.

The Museum manages a collection of material (photographs, letters, “Living Memory” documents) to preserve the memory of the over 700,000 people from the Marche who left their homeland between the 19th and 20th centuries.

The museum’s online route allows you, even before arriving in Recanati, to start your search, accessing a huge database containing information on the journey of many expatriate fellow countrymen: run and track down some data relating to a relative of yours now and get ready to get excited… for when you get to walk these places of the heart.

In addition to knowing stories and retracing the emotion and effort of leaving, here we will also set up interesting Roots, cultural, linguistic and folkloristic workshops for you, to immerse you in a culture that perhaps you don’t know well but which has always belonged to you.

Just a few examples:

  • Theatrical visit “From Marche to the World”: Depending on the time, our visit to this Museum, a true homage to the migrant, also includes small theatrical pieces to delve into what it felt like to undertake this “journey of life”, in times different. Let’s get to know each other and we will present you the most interesting contents for your family history! We have valuable material and artists ready to make you go back and put together pieces of your past, inevitable pieces to better understand your present.
  • Flashes of poetry and recitation, in Italian or one of the dialects. If you just need a taste, we always provide it at the end of the visit, while if you are keen to carry out a specific and more structured language course, we will be able to present you with the best options on site, managed by a leading body in the sector, to be combined with other activities during your stay. More details in a dedicated sheet.
  • Conferences on emigration from the Marche and the profound implications it still has today: thematic meetings with scholars of the topic (for those most interested, we foresee in-depth moments at the Museum with authoritative local voices and others from the 5 continents, for touching analyzes of personal testimonies)

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1-2 ore

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Recanati, MC, Italia

How to get there

FROM THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH: traveling along the A14 motorway, exit at Loreto/Porto Recanati and continue following the signs for Recanati; then take the SS16 highway and continue on the Strada Provinciale di Bella Luce and follow the signs for Recanati Centro.

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