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Folklore and folk music: a precious heritage to experience

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Relying on us at Italea Marche will make your stay truly special and complete.

It means being able to count on a warm welcome, services tailored to tastes and needs, personalized itineraries: for a truly authentic and relational tourism.

Waiting for you and accompanying you during your stay, there is not a “simple” tour operator, but a group of passionate citizens of the Marche region (some who have always lived, those who have returned home after years away, all united by strong ties with the territory and episodes of family migrations), who will make you travel through history and local roads through moments that you will not forget!

As you move from one square to another, we also offer you a series of cultural workshops that will enrich your journey in the “Region of Theaters”, immersing you in stories that until now belonged only to the world of family tales.

The wide network of public and private partners will allow us to make you experience something exciting in every place visited, elements possible only through dedicated, widespread and tailor-made hospitality, by those who know places, materials, sensations, slices of life well.

Folklore and folk music

As far as folk music and dances are concerned, for example, we organize evenings with local folk artists or groups to relive peasant culture and ethno-musical and dance traditions; Among the proposals:

  • Lessons of saltarello and other dances from the Marche region
  • Accordion lessons, a typical instrument.
  • In singing memory” (refined experiences of the regional music scene, in relation to one’s roots, especially linguistic, which will make us all dance)
  • Tango in Italiano” (musical performance of tango songs expertly translated, where often the protagonists of the stories are of Marche origin)

But these are just some of the cultural events that we can suggest to you, since our programming ranges 360°, with other interesting elements related to music, dance, painting, language and always connected to the theme of return, with exceptional guests. Check out the other activities for what interests you most!

The locations will also be characteristic: depending on the groups and the period, this type of workshops and shows will take place in the Italea Marche headquarters, in the center of the Marche region, dedicated precisely to welcoming you “special tourists”, in pleasant environments of the municipal proloco or in various regional historic theaters, mostly true architectural jewels of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, That in any case -with us- you will not fail to know!


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