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Our cooking classes of traditional recipes that cannot be missed on your tour are certainly the most characteristic culinary expressions of the different areas of the territory.

Ready to get hands-on? Here are the gastronomic must-have settled for you:

  • Masterclasses on egg-based hand made pasta, Ascoli olives and other iconic expressions of the Marche, even with original variations for example using local herbs (for some specialties, we are truly masters, recognized throughout the world!) Tasting during the trip will be fantastic but not sufficient; thanks to practical workshops, you will leave with secret techniques and recipes in hand, to amaze relatives and friends and at the same time feel like a regional ambassador in the world, whenever you want.
  • Cooking lessons depending on your place of origin:
  1. kitchen of the sea, e.g. fish broth (in its 4 variations, Anconetana, Fanese, Portorecanatese, Sanbenedettese… the dispute is ancient!), prepared with “poor fish” or fried fish, spaghetti with seafood, Conero moscioli piñata, Slow Food presidium, Ancona-style stockfish, etc.;
  2. mountain cuisine e.g. chestnut ravioli, truffle polenta, Sibillini pink apple compotes, wild boar sauce, roast rabbit, typical cheeses;
  3. hilly specialties like vincisgrassi, frescarelli, maccheroncini di Campofilone, fried tagliatelle, crescia with cured meats, fried cream with fried stuffed olives, cavallucci biscuits or anisette or must donuts to finish and much more;

There is something for all kind of tastes and depending on the area of your roots, you won’t be able to leave without catching the main ingredients of certain areas closely.

Hand in hand with the taste and accompanied by friendly helpers, our valuable collaborators, while you have your hands in the dough you will also know the dialect, clearly distinct between the various areas: you will understand not only the differences between north-central-south but you will know that even the coast and interior have their own clear shades!

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Ascoli Piceno, AP, Italia

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